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Fresh Catch of the Day...from the Fishwife - BOOK SALE - LIMITED

Fresh Catch of the Day...from the Fishwife - BOOK SALE - LIMITED

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"Whether you're a novice cook or a gourmet seafood chef, you'll love the tempting simplicity of the more than 300 recipes offered in "Fresh Catch of the Day...from the FISHWIFE." - Shirley Rizzuto

An extensive array of Fishwife's Tips will guide you to success- from choosing fresh seafood, to safe handling and preparation to innovative cooking in the kitchen and barbecuing and smoking seafood outdoors.

This, the second work of author and "Fishwife" Shirley Rizzuto, spanned the last decade of the 20th century. As we enter the next millennium, and increasing attention is given to healthy living for a longer life, scientists and dietitians predict we will turn more and more to the oceans of the world for healthy eating. With this in mind "Fresh Catch of the Day" will most certainly become a popular and necessary part of your culinary library. 

The author's first work, "Fish Dishes of the Pacific...from the FISHWIFE" was widely acclaimed as "the best of its breed" and "a fish preparation book without equal." 

We at HAWAII FISHING NEWS are sure that this second cookbook with its all-new recipes featuring the diversity of Hawai'i and the island nations of the Central Pacific and a sampling of the best of the Northwest and Alaska will elevate seafood preparation to new heights and increase appreciation for seafood cookery. 

Within these pages, you will find a fabulous and varied collection of recipes for the many types of seafood available to the angler and at local seafood counters. The intent is that you will never again have to ponder what to do with your "Fresh Catch of the Day."

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